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Introducing The N.S.Creation Films

Creator & Visionary

Welcome to the official website of The N.S.Creation Films. Here you will find information about their life, their career, latest projects, and learn so much more about their work. The N.S.Creation Films appreciates your interest and involvement in their work, and invites you to explore their site.

About the director of  The N.S.Creation Films

I am Nawaab Singh, the dedicated CEO behind THE N.S.CREATION FILMS, a venture that breathes life into my unwavering passion for cinematography and direction. Back in 2016, I set forth on an extraordinary journey, building from the ground up and nurturing my brainchild into the vibrant entity it has become today. Along this path, I've confronted and conquered countless challenges, each serving to refine my craft.
From creating engaging short films, captivating fashion shoots, compelling ad films, and evocative music albums, to delving into the world of web series, feature films, and immortalizing the magic of weddings, pre-post wedding events, corporate shoots, brand shoots, and heartwarming family moments – each project stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and artistry I infuse into every endeavor. Join me on this captivating odyssey as I relentlessly redefine the landscape of visual storytelling, one masterpiece at a time.

- Director Nawaab Singh

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North Carolina , CARY , USA , 27519

919 945 6880

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